Iftekhar Ahmed & Co

Our Facility

Fruit Pulp / Concentrate Plant

Iftekhar Ahmed & Co. has two aseptic fruit pulp & concentrate processing factories in two provinces of Pakistan - in Karachi (Sindh) & Sargodha (Punjab).
With state-of-the-art German and Italian manufacturing production plants, the company's production capacity is of 1,240 tons/day.

Kinnow Pack House

IAC supplies about 30,000 mt to 35,000 mt Kinnows (Mandarin) during the Kinnow season.
We have a Fresh Kinnow (Mandarin) Grading Automated Plant with a capacity of 10 Mt/hour in Punjab, Pakistan.

Potato Grading Plant

We have a state-of-the-art Potato Grading Plant in Sindh, Pakistan. Pakistan produces high quality potatoes and ranks 20th among the potato producing countries in the world.

Mango HWT Plant

Our Hot Water Treatment plant ensures compliance with the international market’s quarantine import requirements of many countries. For fresh Mangoes, IAC has installed a Hot Water Treatment Plant with a capacity of 7 tons/hour in Karachi.

Cold Storage

IAC has 35,000 mt. of cold storage facility in Karachi/Sargodha for fruit pulp/puree, juice concentrates and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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