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Ketchup & Sauces

Handpicked from the farms by our experts, and processed under global standards for freshness, taste, and authenticity, our LUSH Ketchup & Sauces are refined to perfection to provide the best taste and flavour.

Tomato Ketchup

LUSH Tomato Ketchup offers a perfect blend of fresh tomatoes packed in a convenient pack giving you the freedom to pour it to your liking and enjoy the delectable taste of tomato goodness.

Chilli Garlic Sauce

LUSH Chilli Garlic Sauce is the best addition to your cuisine, adding the flavour of chillis, garlic, and the taste of tomato ketchup that makes every bite feel right. It's a must-have with your favourite snacks.


LUSH Peach Fruit Drink opens is a delicious and refreshing drink that keeps you active throughout the day. It's a significant source of all the healthy nutrients.

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