Iftekhar Ahmed & Co

About Us

About Iftekhar Ahmed & Co.

Over six decades, we have grown from a small family-operated firm into one of Pakistan’s largest export companies of fruits and vegetables..

We have perfected the art of producing the freshest fruits, vegetables, pulp, concentrates and juices by ensuring the highest standards of quality at every step of the production process. From growing our fruits such as Kinnows (Mandarin) and Mangoes, to growing vegetables such as Onions and Potatoes, we also source other best quality fruits to create our pulps and concentrates, which are serving renowned food and beverage businesses and offering our fruit beverages in Tetra Pak for consumers as well.

Our Vision

To achieve global leadership by unleashing Pakistan’s full agricultural potential to fulfil global dietary requirements through fruits and vegetables in all forms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive internationally with high-quality agri-export commodities such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, to elevate Pakistan's image in terms of greatest export.

Our Values

Together, our IAC values of Integrity, Accessibility, and Customer Centricity empower all of us at IAC to deliver the best products – from farm to table – field to kitchen – and road to doorstep – for your convenience and nutritious enjoyment.

Our Principles

Product Wise
Export Share

Out of total export from Pakistan, we retain following share for our products.

Apple Juice Concentrate


Mango Pulp and Concentrate


Fresh Mango

8% - 10%

Kinnow (Mandarin)


containers depending upon season

Our Domestic Supply Numbers Speak Volumes

Seasonal Mango Supply

100,000 MT

Seasonal Kinnow (Mandarin) Supply

35,000 MT

Pulp, Concentrate and Paste Supply of Mango, Apple, Guava and Tomato

17,000 MT

Our Product Range

IAC’s core business line comprises of the following products.

Fresh Vegetable

Pulp / Puree & Concentrate

Our Brands

State-of-the Art Processing Plants

Hot Water Treatment Plant

HWT plant ensures compliance with international market quarantine import requirements of many countries. For fresh Mangoes, IAC installed a Hot Water Treatment Plant with a capacity of 7 tons/hour in Karachi.

Kinnow (Mandrain) Grading Plant

Fresh Kinnow (mandarin) grading plant with a capacity of 10 tons/hour.

Potato Processing Plant

A feather in the cap, IAC has a plant with a capacity of 10 MT per/hour for potato processing in Karachi.

Banana Ethylene Facility

IAC has a facility for banana ripening with ethylene technology and a storage capacity of 1,000 MT.

Karachi Fruit Processing Factory

At our Karachi factory we have state of the art Italian origin aseptic processing lines with the capacity of 28 Tons/hour for the production of fruits pulp/puree & concentrate.

New Processing Factory Sargodha

In 2015, IAC established a new factory with state-of-the-art aseptic fruit pulp, paste and concentrate processing plant with a capacity of 34 Tons/hour sourced from Italy.

Brix 70 Processing Plant

IAC inducted state of the art Italian and German multi-processing plant which is Pakistan’s first ever clear apple juice concentrate & clear date juice concentrate, The production capacity of plant is 28 Tons per hour.

Expanded Capacity

For the fruit pulp / puree & concentrate IAC has the largest per day production capacity which is 1,240 Tons.

Tetra Pak Filling Machine

24,000 pieces per hour aseptic (slim leaf) carton filling line.

Competitive Advantage

Largest Fruit Processing Plant

The first and largest plant installed in Pakistan for processing (Aseptic) Mango, Apple, Guava pulp/concentrate, Tomato paste and clarified Apple juice concentrate to fulfill domestic and export requirement. We are the only Company who launched Clarified Apple Juice concentrate brix 70 in Pakistan in 2012

Fully Integrated Supply Chain Management System

The first company having well integrated Supply Chain Management system working as grower, packer, processor and exporter of fresh fruit, vegetable, fruit pulp, clarified juice concentrate and fruit beverages in Pakistan.

New variant of Mango pulp

The first company to introduce two new variants of mango pulp (Sindhri and Chaunsa) to both domestic and international markets.

First of many fresh Mango exports

First company to introduce fresh mangoes to:

  • Bangladesh (Formerly East Pakistan) & Saudi Arabia in 1960
  • Dubai, UAE in 1965
  • United Kingdom in 1968
  • Germany in 1979
  • Malaysia in 1981
  • China in 2004

First company to export mango by sea in REEFER CONTAINER to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1994 while Dubai, Bahrain, London, Paris & Rotterdam in 2002.

Kinnow and Potato Export

First company to introduce Pakistani kinnow (Mandarin) to:

  • United Kingdom in 1979
  • Russia in 2002
  • Malta in 2002
  • Hong Kong in 2002 – selling directly to the public through Welcome Supermarkets
  • Sudan in 2009

Introduced Pakistani potato to Russia in 2011 building a market of around 870,000 tons per season.

100% export share of Clarified Apple Juice Concentrate to the international market

IAC is a pioneer and only company to have installed a state of the art apple juice concentrate processing plant in Pakistan.We hold 100% share to feed apple juice concentrate to international market from Pakistan. IAC was the only Company who exported Clarified Apple Juice concentrate and Chaunsa Mango Pulp to Lebanon in 2010.

75% export share of Mango Pulp

IAC has privilege to hold 75% export share of mango pulp from Pakistan.

Food Safety & Quality Policy

It is the policy of Iftekhar Ahmed & Co., to ensure a safe food to the consumers within standards, strict hygienic controls and will comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and mutually agreed food safety requirements of GFSI recognized FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification. We believe that responsibility for achieving quality and Food safety commitments lies with every single IAC employee that has direct influence on ingredients, packaging, manufacturing storage and transport of product. We provide HALAL, safe, hygienic and high quality fresh fruits, fruit pulp concentrates, puree, syrup and aseptic Tetra Pak Fruit juices. Iftekhar Ahmed & Co. believed and committed to continually improve the effectiveness of this food safety system certification through our competent team and have all the sources to make best of beverages and will review the system periodically and satisfaction of customer and consumer. As management of Iftekhar Ahmed & Co., we ensure that this policy will be communicated, understood and complied by all the partners within our supply chain.