Trade is one constituent that remained with civilizations throughout human history. From ancient empires to modern era, exchanging commodities that are rare or not produced in specific regions gave birth to the phenomena of international business. Here at IAC, we understand this age old concept fully well and integrate it seamlessly across our business model and that’s one prime reason why we can safely dub ourselves as the exclusive exporters of finest Pakistani produce to the rest of the world – fruits and vegetables that is.

Iftekhar Ahmed & Company (IAC) has been a force to reckon with for over half a century of successful operations since 1960 in the industrial sector of fruits and vegetables with an export footprint stretching over 40 countries across the globe. Our reputation exceeds our  own expectations and we thrive with zeal with this underlying principle. 

Be it the processing or storage of  the produce or selling and production of fresh fruits, vegetables, processed fruit pulp/puree, paste, fruit concentrates or clarified juice concentrates, IAC makes sure that it provides its buyers with the best in class, adhering to international standards and best practices worldwide. With a specialization in the produce of Mangoes and Kinnows (Mandarin), our offerings go right down to the specific demands of both our buyers and the international market a like. 

Being the torch bearer as the single largest company in Pakistan with a well integrated Supply Chain Management System, IAC successfully delves into the core areas of our business. 

Our Fruit-Print 
To hold the most competitive position in the world of fruit concentrate, fruit pulp/paste, clear fruit juice concentrate, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable IAC maintains regular interactions with international industrial consumers by participating in all major global events like Sial, Anuga, FIE, Fruit Logistica, Gulf Food, World Juice, World Food Moscow, Thaifax, Prod Expo, Asia Fruit Logistica, Asia Fruit Congress, Africa’s Big Seven and other industrial events.